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2015 Reebok CrossFit Open Review and Beyond…

Editorial Staff March 28, 2015 Media Comments Off on 2015 Reebok CrossFit Open Review and Beyond…
2015 Reebok CrossFit Open Review and Beyond…

15.5 is complete… Some may say that was the hardest of the 5, some may say 14.5 was a bit tougher. Either way, our 2015 Open showcased a little bit of everything CrossFit stands for: Speed, Strength, Stamina, Balance, Coordination, Flexibility, Cardio, Agility, Power, Accuracy… The Open revealed work capacity across broad times and modal domains. It showcased how important community support can really be. For many, it revealed how good their head coaches are. In 2015, you may have found out that you can’t lack efficiency in any core movement or skill if your plan is to move beyond the CrossFit Open. Your body composition must be close to spot on. Your recovery had to be consistent. Your programming may have played a major role as well as your commitment to your improvements.

Having the ability to Clean and Jerk 295 lbs didn’t do you much good if you haven’t figured out Double Unders. Being able to Row 27 calories in less than 55 seconds didn’t help much if you couldn’t do Muscle ups… MODAL DOMAINS, WORK CAPACITY, NUTRITION = the Fittest Athlete.

No burpees, No box jumps, but we did see HSPU and a repeat from the years past. You can bet pistols will be dropped in the hopper in 2016. In order to move past the Open, take your 2015 experience and recognize / admit your weaknesses and work on them. Even with the introduction of the Scaled option, your skills must be well-rounded.

I can’t seem to figure out how the scaled version was calculated, but I’ll let the computer geeks figure that out. I believe it was nice addition and served a good purpose. We had a few athletes that were a little disappointed they couldn’t “RX” all the way through, but it wasn’t something they lost sleep over like many others seem to do.

This year, we had 6 athletes register for the Open and that didn’t disappoint me. I would’ve loved to see more but it wasn’t something I demanded. With the new filtering option and scaled option, I’m confident we’ll triple if not have dozens of athletes register next year. Being many of our athletes were new to CrossFit, that said, advising them to test their fitness world wide or even locally wasn’t something I felt was a necessary expense considering their current skills, attendance, etc. As much as I feel $20 is certainly worth seeing your name on a leader board as well as intensifying the whole experience by simply signing up, instead, buying a sweet speed rope to work on Double Under’s was clearly a better choice. After all, they were going participate in the Open Events either way right?

Like many other coaches, I seen and read some of the complaints with the programming, the scaling, etc. However, following each event, there seemed to be just as many “happy customers” that were very pleased they got their first Double Under, their first HSPU, their first Pullup, in addition to PR’ing their Clean and Jerk minutes after completing a difficult 9 minute WOD. In our box, I pointed out we had over a dozen Clean and Jerk PR’s on 15.1a. My point being this could be the result of not properly “warming up” as prescribed. Congratulations was still given and well deserved.

For the average CrossFitter, even those new to CrossFit, I believe this year’s Open did much more good than bad. Even with the scaled/rx complaints, I believe CrossFit took another leap forward in the fitness community, claiming CrossFit Athletes are clearly the Fittest on Earth. To move beyond the Open, average isn’t going to get it done. Showing up 2-3x per week won’t be enough. Eating the wrong foods will keep even the most genetically gifted from advancing. For some that feel CrossFit is too expensive, perhaps will now notice how important “Coaching” really is.

For now, we can look back at some of the incredible CrossFit Open “Match-Ups” we were so privileged to witness and strive to make ourselves the better. Repeating some of the Open Events, strengthening our weakness, improving our mechanics, our power, speed and for some, finally cracking down on their nutrition. The fact will remain the same, in 2016, you can bet we see heavy Weightlifting, DU’s, HSPU, Thrusters, Pullups, Muscle-Ups, T2B’s, etc.  To move beyond the Open, next season starts tomorrow.



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