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Better Than CrossFit… Better Better Better!

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Better Than CrossFit… Better Better Better!

This time of year every year it never fails, “NON” CrossFit Trainer’s come out of their hiding to advertise their own personal 4 min Workout “Better Than CrossFit” while CrossFit Headquarters and Affiliates keep doing their thing. Nike is now joining in by advertising their new shoe saddened by the fact their banned from the largest fitness competition ever televised on ESPN, hence the Reebok CrossFit Games. The only competition in the world that claims it reveals the Fittest Male and Female on Earth. #NoArgumentHere

Nike of course wants a piece of this action. Where as, they have their own sporting contracts that do the same thing to other companies such as Reebok that take place on Saturday’s, Sunday’s  and Monday’s (NCAA, NFL, NBA, etc).

First, lets discuss the trainer’s on the outside looking in… When it comes to fitness or being FIT, those that attend a CrossFit Affiliate for their own reasons all learn and soon understand the definition of fitness. As a whole, using a barbell or a kettle bell is a skill, they are not an inconvenience. We aren’t looking for the NEXT BEST 4 MIN BODYWEIGHT workout that’s supposed to burn a ton of fat and or calories. A good coach can make one of these up in less than 30 seconds using intervals or a task or time priority that will get the job done every single time. Nothing new there.

“Going to a facility” isn’t a hassle but it seems all the “INTERNET MARKETING FITNESS GURU’s” want you to believe that their product is better because…

In the time it takes someone to drive down to their local CrossFit, you could do a better “cross-training”, fat-burning workout at home without a single piece of equipment.

You just have to buy their EBOOK or Video Collection… hence “cross-training”, THEY cannot advertise “their Crossfit Version” as CROSSFIT (not “publicly” anyhow)…

coacheschangelivesCFWhat they don’t understand is that CrossFit is about Coaching. Interacting. Teaching. Helping. Community. Support as well as Nutrition and Wellness.

Most CrossFit Affiliates GIVE away dozens of 4 min “FIRE BREATHER’s”, “Finisher’s”, “Shredder’s” or whatever fancy name you want to stick on them.

CrossFit has a huge collection that’s FREE of charge. #GirlWODS #HeroWODS #Baselines #60SecTests … let the google search begin 🙂

Teaching and inspiring others to improve their health. Increase their Strength, Speed and Power. Improve their balance, flexibility and coordination. Increase their work capacity. All leading towards reducing stress and inflammation. It’s not a hassle to go to the gym. For some, they feel it’s a privilege and a heck of a lot more fun that training alone. In addition, your training should be helping you improve your SKILLS, not lose weight. Reducing body fat with or without a piece of equipment is not accomplished through working out without eating better, more nutritious food choices and most of all being consistent at it.


Any workout plan that promises weight loss can easily be labeled as a fake. Don’t fall for them. You need to eat better to lose body fat.

Back to Nike. NOW, they want a piece of CrossFit considering the popularity and efficacy of the programming. They were aware of the growth potential nearly 10 years ago, yet they watched and stayed away. Reebok on the other hand took a chance and now… Nike is sad, bitter and will continue to stir the pot, just like other trainer’s that are trying to sell their own product or losing clients to “CrossFit.” Bashing, lying, hammering and comparing their goods versus CrossFit in order to make their program look better.

All in all, if you want to improve your health and fitness, there are many proven ways. The sooner you start to train to be improve your skills and eat to be healthier, you’ll find the results you’re seeking and much more.












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