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Carve Up Your Abs- CrossFit Massillon Review

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Carve Up Your Abs- CrossFit Massillon Review

Another essential part of CrossFit is strengthening your abs. Trying to do a traditional sit up can be hard for many people. Your back and neck hurt and the floor is just too hard. Well after just one situp, those problems will go away!


This Abmat fits snugly to your back providing both support and comfort. In addition to this you will easily be able to target your entire abdominal muscles. Plus by using this piece of exercise equipment you will strengthen your lower back muscles.

If you have ever tried to use a fitness or exercise ball to perform sit ups you know it is so easy to lose your balance. This won’t happen when you use the Abmat.

Once you place yourself onto the mat your body will be correctly positioned. This way you derive the most benefit from each movement you make.

The Abmat has a compact design and is a one size fits all type of abdominal exerciser.  The size allows you to pack up and take this mat with you. This is great to know especially for anyone who travels a lot.

Many athletes who follow a Crossfit program whether online or actually in their hometown recommends this particular brand to their friends and colleagues.  Some CrossFit boxes purchase this exact brand for their clients as a welcoming gift. That’s just how effective and solid this product is!

Customer reviews for this Rogue Abmat are very positive. Our athletes love the fact that the mat stays in place no matter how many sit ups you are performing. Plus the fact that it is small makes it great for carrying with you.

Our athletes love the support they receive from the Abmat itself. Sit ups are now more effective and less painful! How many times have you gotten a sore tail bone from attempting to do tons of sit ups?

If you are looking for a way to make your sit up routine less painful then the Abmat could be the answer you have been looking for.

The regular price for the Rogue Abmat is usually $35.95. Through this special review, you can pick one up right now using the following link while it is still on special for only $29.95.

Just click on the graphic below and you’ll be one your way to more effective, less painful situps.  ENJOY!






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