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CrossFit Hater’s?

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CrossFit Hater’s?

When it comes down the the nitty gritty, everyone is different. Every CrossFit Box, every CrossFit Coach, every CrossFit Athlete, every non-CrossFitter, every non-CrossFit Coach. Knowing this might explain why CrossFit has a ton of dedicated athletes and followers as well as a ton of dedicated haters that follow.

“The Haters” are an easy topic and even easier explanation as to why they hate CrossFit. Let’s start with the obvious.

1a. CrossFit Gals are stronger then they are… Just kidding, but they probably are   🙂

1b. Most complaints are coming from a struggling Personal Trainer or Strength Coach who chooses to hate in efforts to separate / compare themselves for business related reasons. Nothing strange here. Pretty common business-like tactic.

Don’t do CrossFit because they #$%@%… Instead you should do “… X-Fit

2. They attended a CrossFit Box and had a bad experience.

2b. They attended a non-affiliated gym that claims they offer CrossFit (illegally) and had a bad experience.

Both of these are unfortunately pretty common. Again, EVERY CrossFit Box is different… WHY, because EVERY CrossFit Coach is different.

Some CrossFit “Coaches” claimed the title simply by paying the fee, attending the certification and passing the test. With little or zero coaching experience, business experience, customer service experience, etc., they open their facility aka “box” and begin practicing their programming methods on others. Sounds crazy but it’s really not. There are many other businesses and or professionals that get started the same way. Some being Doctors, Dentists, Lawyers, Teachers, Bus Driver’s, etc.

The Medical field has this system mastered. Why do you think they call it a “Practice?”

In all fairness, I’ve witnessed some scary “failing” moments myself that took place under the supervision of other qualified coaches. Why these occurrences were allowed is beyond any explanation I can come up with. The most recent being at an event where a participant was having problems somewhat early and just got worse. Luckily he didn’t get hurt, yet had he been at one of our events, he would’ve been told to stop. This was so bad, it may even be on youtube some day… it was that scary! In this case, two wrongs did not make it right. The coach allowed it and the athlete continued to push his limits.

We have athletes come in all the time that claim they’ve been doing CrossFit for a few months. When asked where, they name a facility that doesn’t start or end with CrossFit. This could mean two things perhaps even 3. One, the facility has a CrossFit Coach actively teaching. Two, the facility is offering CrossFit illegally. Or 3. this person is copying workouts and doing them solo.

Either way, there is more to CrossFit than simply “completing a WOD.”



Even the commentators during the CrossFit Games mis-represented the name (a little). The CrossFit Games on ESPN is’t what defines CrossFit. The CrossFit Games is a competition with some of the best athletes in the world competing in CrossFit Events.

Just recently I seen an advertisement for “free” CrossFit Workouts. This was being done by a person who is not a certified coach nor is he an affiliate of CrossFit Inc. He’s just attempting to capitalize off the brand.

Truth be told, there are 1000’s of other people (trainer’s) committing fraud and could be giving CrossFit a bad name simply because “they think” they know the sport, no thanks to ESPN and or YouTube. Which brings us to #3.

3. They don’t like the popularity. Whether he or she is a competitor or not. If it benefits them, they like it, if it doesn’t, they hate it.

Fact is, CrossFit isn’t going anywhere. With over 10,000 affiliates worldwide along with being featured prime time on ESPN and having Reebok as a main sponsor, no one can argue the fact that Greg Glassman has done his due diligence. We can’t leave out the actual competitors that qualify for the Regional’s along with “Games” Athletes including the 4x CHAMP himself have shown the world…

THIS STUFF WORKS  ~ Rich Froning

Outside of Nike Football Combines, Strongman Competitions sponsored by MetRX and the Ninja Warrior, I can’t foresee any P90X or Boot Camp Competitions or Zumba Competitions being featured on prime time tv anytime soon. Sadly enough, it seems Bodybuilding is a thing of the past as well.

While other CrossFit Coaches have more experience when dealing with seniors, adults and youth, the fact is, there are many Level 1’s out there that are still learning and practicing their craft. It’s not the fault of CrossFit. There are also plenty of fibber’s out there too. Lying about there credentials in attempt to capitalize off the name.

At the end of the day, there are fraud Doctors, Dentists, Bus Drivers, Teachers and Trainer’s that make poor decisions. When it comes down to the real facts, CrossFit doesn’t hurt people like all the hater’s preach. Just like Football doesn’t hurt the players, Gymnastics doesn’t hurt other gymnasts and Weightlifting doesn’t hurt weightlifter’s.

When taught right CrossFit helps people. It helps people prepare for anything. It can help you handle (reduce) stress better. It can help prepare you to be physically and mentally stronger. And if you drink the “Kool-Aid”, you can be guided towards eating healthier with all the support necessary for you to accomplish all of your fitness goals.

Do your due diligence.

If you don’t have any haters, you’re not doing something right…  Kat Williams



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