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Massillon’s First Bench Contest

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Massillon’s First Bench Contest

Teaming up with Nathan McWherter from Living Water Church, we were ready to make a splash in downtown Massillon for the Cruise On In Car Show. Together we welcomed all the big hitter’s Massillon had to offer.

Amazingly, we didn’t disappoint!  With Living Water’s Dunk tank right beside us, it was a perfect match.

From our Massillon Tiger Cheerleaders, to volunteers, even ESPN 990 Radio Host Ray Jeske got in on the dunk tank action.

Meanwhile, right next door, the stage was set… MAX reps at either 135 (male adult) – 95 lbs (female adult) and the choice of 65 lbs or 95 lbs for all student athletes. This competition was certain to have all the participants break a sweat and be ready to get dunked…

Early in the competition, we had our first Male Athlete step up to the challenge.
>>> Firefighter Brian Collins.

In discussion with Head Coach Tom Roehlig, Brian asked what Tom thought the “winning number” would be with 135 lbs, Tom replied, “I like 60 reps?”

After a few seconds allowing that to sink in, Brian was very coachable and more than willing to do a standard warmup we had prescribed. Soon there after, Brian was ready to roll.

55 reps later with 135 lbs on the bar, Brian was done. Happy, Sweaty and Thirsty. His 55 reps held off for the rest of the afternoon.

Capturing the First Place Prize was Brian Collins.


For the women, we had one of our own VIP’s Dawn Klapper take home the Title. She was able finish with 32 successful reps at 65 lbs.

The day was not complete without some of our Stud Massillon Footballer Players… Marcellus and Keith came ready to go and couldn’t resist “flexin a little” after posting up some respectable numbers with 95 lbs.




All throughout the day, we were welcomed with some awesome visitors.

Sgt. Ryan Rhoades (US Marines) made his presence known and liked what he saw. We sent quite a few VIP’s down to his booth to take on the Pullup Bar.

After Head Coach Tom Roehlig set the record of the day with 32 Strict Pullups, it didn’t take Sgt. Rhoades long to find us. We had several other VIPs earn their “STRIPES” on the pullup bar bringing notice to our passion for fitness.

Massillon Cheerleader Annabelle Roehlig (also the Daughter of the head coach), successfully hung on long enough to win their top prize being an Official US Marine t-shirt.  Both her brothers, 9 year old Davin and 7 yr old Spencer Roehlig also impressed the Marine Crew by completing 11 and 12 perfect pullups. We weren’t done yet, Massillon Cheerleader Lauren Dingy got in on the action and wasn’t going to let us down by hanging on for 70+ seconds walking away with the top prize as well… 



What an awesome event we can thank Nathan McWherter with Living Water Church and the City of Massillon for putting on. We can’t forget ESPN 990’s Ray Jeske for all the support he gave to us… We appreciate you both!!!



Til next year, this one will be one to remember!!!!



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