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Speed Ropes for Fat Loss- CrossFit Massillon Reviews

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Speed Ropes for Fat Loss- CrossFit Massillon Reviews

Ultra Speed Cable Ropes

Jump ropes of all kinds and sizes are perfect for Crossfit. The Ultra Speed Cable Ropes by Jump Ropes are some of the fastest and durable on the market today.

The Ultra Speed Cable ropes are unique in that they are adjustable and lightweight. The total length of the cables is 9 feet 6 inches which makes them long enough for a person just over 6 feet tall to use. People taller than 6ft 4” may find the length too short. To adjust the ropes you simply adjust the screw at the end of the rope with a screwdriver. If you shorten the rope the excess will hang out of the handles but this doesn’t impede your jumping ability. If you are the only person using the rope then you could cut the excess rope.

Most users buy this type of rope to perform Double Unders and Speed jumping. Many gym owners purchase these cable ropes for their members to use and are extremely happy with the quality.

The manufacturer recommends using these ropes for indoor jumping only. Plus they will soon be available in a choice of colors. The cable is enclosed in a black plastic sleeve which helps prevent wooden floors from becoming damaged. The wire spins very easily inside the handles without becoming tangled.

The Ultra Speed Cable Ropes regularly sell for $13.95. This is a great price and the customer reviews definitely recommend these ropes. They are durable and will get you jumping as fast as you did in your youth. The adjustable length makes them perfect for the entire family. There is no need to have to purchase each person a different rope!

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 MDUSA Cable Speed Jump Rope

This is another cable jump rope that is extremely popular. The MDUSA Cable has an adjustable cable which can be cut to your desired length. The original cable is 10 feet in length.  The total weight of the cable jump rope is just 1.3 lbs.

The cable length can also be adjusted by using the screw and allowing the excess cable to hang out from the handles. This might be your best bet if more than one family member will be using the same rope. Plus you don’t have to buy more than one!

The nice feature on this jump rope is its extended handles. This actually allows the user to rotate the rope faster gaining more speed. The design of the handle incorporates bushings which allow the cable to rotate freely without getting caught up.

Customers who have purchased this jump rope are very happy with it and recommend it for anyone wanting to perform fast footwork. This makes it perfect for adding this item to your Crossfit routine.

You can order the MDUSA Cable Speed Jump Rope for just $14.95 today!






Rogue Ultra Speed Cable Rope

By far the best rope I’ve ever used. I always let people use it when I’m done with my WOD because I remember what it was like using a heavy rope or a substandard one before I got mine. This rope is as fast as you need it to be. I also really like the method by which you can adjust the length, just make sure you get it right the first time or you’ll have to either get a new cable or get more efficient at jumping.  At CrossFit Massillon this is the exact rope our new athletes are introduced to as well as our savvy veterans. For less then $20.00, it’s a bargain.

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