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Step By Step… “Walk on Your Hands” – Premium

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Step By Step… “Walk on Your Hands” – Premium

When it comes to gymnastic skills, a perfect handstand with your toes pointed, legs straight, body perfectly balanced is a thing of beauty. Nearly everyone has tried this maneuver when we were younger and in most cases failed.  With CrossFit, we are seeing this movement in more and more competitions coupled with either pushups or walking long distances. Whether your a serious CrossFit’r or not, if handstand pushups or handstand walks have ever been a dream or goal or yours, it’s time to turn your world upside down…


Handstand Walking: A Progression That Actually WORKS!

  • Kicks up into perfect handstand

  • Walks 100ft flawlessly

  • Gracefully lets feet fall back on the floor

Wow, that was easy! That was my first try!”

… Said no one ever.

While handstand walking might not be a “foundational movement”, it sure is fun.

(Spoiler alert: Open 2017?)

If you’ve ever tried (and failed) you probably know the feeling: complete incompetence.

I remember trying for the first time…

*Kick Up*

No matter how much muscle or determination you have- there is absolutely no way to learn the handstand walk without one thing:


Not just any practice. You need to be smart.

It is nearly impossible to practice the whole thing as a “scaled” movement.

With box jumps, you can lower the box. With snatches, you can use a PVC pipe. With pull-ups, you can do negatives, banded, or jumping.

With Handstand walks… you fall, and fall again, until
… you learn a better way!

So, today I am going to teach you the exact progressions used to go from total beginner to master in just a few short weeks.




Video Credit: Ben Dziwulski-


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