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Training Frequency for Optimum Results

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Training Frequency for Optimum Results

At CrossFit Massillon, we have the good and the best of every world. We have athletes that come in 5-6x per week. We have athletes that come in 4-5x per week. We have athletes that come in 3x per week. And we also have athletes that want to attend 3-5x per week and can’t seem to make that happen.

For starters, I’ll begin by saying the key piece of improving your fitness / health / life is your consistency.  Read that again…

With that said, depending on your goal(s), CrossFit isn’t as simple as choosing a certain amount of times per week.

However, having said that, science along with experienced programming has proven that 3 days on, 1 day off produces consistent changes in terms of the development of skills and body composition. Combined with a meal plan that supports your training, in 6 months, you can become un-recognizable by anyone that hasn’t seen you in a while.

Now, 3 days on 1 day off typically doesn’t work well for the majority being that everyone has a life outside of gym.

Which leads to other options such as 2 days on, 1 day off. 1 on, 1 off. 1, etc.

At the end of the day, we all become creatures of habit. Knowing this, we program our weekly workouts for the athlete that can attend every day. In doing so, we’re able to plan periodized programs for strength training, conditioning and still have time to practice and learn new skills regularly.

For those new to CrossFit, we recommend starting slow and plan on training at least 3x per week. With improvements of mechanics and technique along with committing to a consistent schedule, every athlete we have the privilege to work with can expect to not only feel better, look better and move better, but also have the option of attending more classes per week if they’d like to.

When it comes to what’s best, that’s an easy answer. It depends. Everyone will be different. A good coach will be able to asses your goal(s), work schedule, etc. and recommend a plan for anyone that would like to improve their fitness, health and lifestyle at any level.


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