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Unbelievable effort… Reebok CrossFit Open

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Unbelievable effort… Reebok CrossFit Open

We’re 3 weeks in to the 2017 Reebok Crossfit Open, 17.1 done, 17.2 done, 17.3 done… While some are complaining about dumbbells and heavy barbell snatches, Team CrossFit Massillon is celebrating PR’s and supporting an amazing group of competitor’s.

For 3 weeks in a row our walls have been lined with friends and family, snapping photos, shooting video, hosting podcasts, going live and cheering for people they don’t even know. It has been a great experience for everyone. When speaking for all the competitor’s, having a crowd of cheering supporter’s is a game changer.  The energy has been very motivating and hasn’t gone un-noticed.

We all Thank you for joining us…

Athletes from Texas, Tuslaw, Perry, Jackson, North Canton, Dalton and Massillon all forming one heck of a team will continue meeting on Friday night at 630 pm to prove their fitness. Ranging from 14 years young to 56 years young, one thing is guaranteed, you will see their very best.



For the next two weeks, you can expect to witness and read about some amazing skills on display from everyday people. Everyday people that love to push themselves through uncomfortable challenges and come out on top.

17.4 – Scheduled for Friday, March 17th at 630 pm.
Grand Finale — 17.5 – Scheduled for Friday, March 24th at 630 pm.

If you’re local and looking for some entertainment, stop on in…

… Stay tuned for the updates.

You can also visit our Facebook and Instagram for action pics and more.


Movements still Untested:
Deadlifts, Clean, Clean and Jerk, Thruster, HSPU, Wall Balls, DU’s, Rowing and perhaps a surprise skill such as High Pulls or Pistol Squats.

– DU: Double jump with a jump rope.
– HSPU: Handstand Pushup



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