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What Few People Know About Fitness- CrossFit Massillon Performance Tips

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What Few People Know About Fitness- CrossFit Massillon Performance Tips

There aren’t many people around town that has helped athletes and trained the general public for the last 20 years. In doing so, I’ve noticed a few common decisions made by the general public who “thought” they wanted to be more fit. After seeing this, I’m convinced the majority of people do not know the definition of “FIT” and what it really means. Let’s take a look…

It seems to me, Merriam Webster kind of gets it…

being in such a state as to be or seem ready to do or suffer something;  sound physically and mentally; physically healthy and strong


But how do you prepare to be ready to do “Anything” and suffer “Something?” How you prepare to be sound physically and mentally? How do you prepare to be physically healthy and strong?

Well… some people choose to run 3 miles a day to prepare. Some run 10-15+ miles a day to prepare. I’m not so sure this works being that I know some people that do this and they seem to get injured somewhat often… and none of them can deadlift their bodyweight or do a pull-up.

Some lift light weights a bunch of times. Some do dance moves. Some do cardio “fitness” bootcamps 6 days a week. Some just walk.

Being 2014, we can prove lifting light weight and doing cardio will not “make you” physically healthy and most definitely won’t help you gain much strength. Heck, it may even make you weaker. You may have tried doing the same or perhaps know someone that does that same and noticed that it’s not working well (and it’s not that fun).

We all know a few guys that tear into heavy weights all the time and their really strong. But they can’t run a mile in less than 10 minutes and most can’t do a pull-up 🙂  So they’re not ready for “anything!”

Knowing the definition of “FIT”, we can say that if you’re really strong and can’t run a mile in less than 10 min., you’re not as fit as you could be! We can say if you can run 26.2 miles but can’t do 25 pullups, you’re not as fit as you could be either!

So What’s Left…?

Let’s start with saying gaining strength is only a part of being “FIT?” The same as having good cardiovascular endurance.

We can go as far as improving 8 additional skills that without any doubt, defines “someone that is fit” a little better than Merriam Webster.

**Cardio Endurance

We can say with very few arguments that…

you are as fit, as you are competent at these 10 Physical Skills. ~ Greg Glassman


So we know a gal that can run 3 miles in 25 minutes and can deadlift her bodyweight… My guess would say she’s pretty fit.

That still leaves us with the questions- How do we prepare for “anything?” How do we prepare to suffer “something?” How do we prepare to be physically and mentally stronger?”

The answer is two-fold by design, yet proven and backed by loads of data.

1a. You must keep improving your agility, accuracy, balance, coordination. Increase your speed, stamina, strength. Develop more power and cardio endurance… (aka Deadlift 1 1/2x bodyweight, Run Faster.. etc.)

b. You must eat nutritious foods full of vitamins and minerals. Balanced with proteins, fats and carbohydrates which will help balance your metabolism and build up a healthy immune system.

Once we have this in order, the final piece is simple and neglected, yet part of the definition Merriam Webster provides. In order to be prepared to suffer something, we need mental strength even spiritual doesn’t hurt 🙂

therepthatmattersFrom my 30+ years of competitive athletics from Division I Wrestling to being the hands down favorite to win our infamous grade school Presidential Challenges, I can say without any doubt, to gain mental strength, you must increase your WORK CAPACITY.

You have to push yourself to a place that causes you to think you can’t do “one more” of anything.

This needs to be done in a variety of different ways in order to build unstoppable mental toughness.

Think about how “Uncle Sam” can take a skinny, 18 year old kid and turn him/her into a SOLDIER, full of confidence, ready for anything and prepared to suffer, if called upon.

Now, one doesn’t need to train like a Navy Seal in order to be considered fit, but similar steps must be taken in order to bring out your best.

You do want to see what your best looks like… RIGHT?

Once you have the strength, power, speed, flexibility to move fast, combined with cardio, stamina, etc., the outcome will lead to being able to get a crap load of stuff done in less time than it took you before. Hence, increasing your work capacity. Having increased your work capacity, this will help control mental stress and have you boasting with confidence. You’ll be noticeably fit’r on “the inside” and your friends will notice your fitness on “the outside.”

Now, you can easily research the majority of this information provided and find it’s pretty accurate. You could also find instruction on gaining strength, reducing body fat, increasing speed, endurance, etc.

The bottom line is getting fit and staying fit should feel like an experiment. Your experiment. It should be fun, challenging and rewarding. If it’s not, you’re missing out!  You could and should do random activities (lift heavy, lift light, bike, run, swim, row, etc.) and work towards improving at all of them. THE SECRET: Everything you do for your health and fitness should produce some sort of measurable data. How fast, how heavy, how many times, etc. So you know if you’re actually getting better or not, aka… MORE FIT.

Having FITNESS being compared to by a model on a magazine cover or in a commercial is not accurate. It’s not about that at all. Certainly being fit has a “LOOK!” We now know that once we increase our work capacity by improving functional movements while eating balanced meals will result in a leaner body that is strong, flexible, fast, etc. #PREPARED

Do more research on CrossFit. Make sure you read all the bad stuff out there too. As with anything that works, you will always have competitor’s that hate. When you’re ready to see and feel what your best looks like, follow the advice above and know you’re on the right path.


CROSSFIT: Constantly Varied, Functional Movements practiced at High Intensity. Combined with Balanced Meals and Recovery, allowing you to repeat consistently.

RESULTING IN: Increased Work Capacity across Broad Times and Modal Domains. #FittestOnEarth




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